NRDA II 2014

Below you will find the outline and presentations from the 2014 annual short course, NRDA II: Translating Ecological Injury to Compensation.

To view and/or download, click on the file format in parentheses after each title. PDF links will open in a new window where you may view and choose to download the file while PPT links will automatically open up a download window.

  1. NRDA Schedule/Outline (PDF)
  2. Kenneth Finkelstein: NRDA 101 (PDF)
  3. Keri Sheets: ERMA (PDF)
  4. Molly Sperduto: HEA (PDF)
  5. Jeff Wakefield: REA (PDF / PPT)
  6. Brian Reilly: Where do the compensation funds come from- penalty vs restoration $ (PDF / PPT)
  7. Karen Pelto: Tactics for Restoration (PDF)
  8. John Catena: What has happened in the Northeast in NRDA and in restoration? (PDF)