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Board Officers

Position Name End of Term Contact
President Lisa McIntosh 2017 e-mail
Vice President Janet Robinson 2017 e-mail
Past President Emily Monosson 2017 e-mail
Treasurer/Secretary Dion Lewis 2017 e-mail
Webmaster Megan McCuller 2017 e-mail


Board Members

Name End of Term Contact
Kerrie Beckett 2017 e-mail
Ken Finkelstein 2017 e-mail
Celia Chen 2017 e-mail
Jim Occhialini 2017 e-mail
Dodi Horowitz 2017 e-mail
Courtney Carignan 2017 e-mail
David Page 2017 e-mail


Student Representatives

Jennifer Loughery, University of New Brunswick 2016


Former Board Members

Position Name End of Term Contact
Past President Tim Verslycke 2014 e-mail
Past President Adria Elskus 2013 e-mail

We are always looking for new board members, please contact for more information!